Willing to join in the next World March?

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence is a social movement which will undertake its second journey on the 2nd of October, 2024.  The First World March was undertaken in 2009 and achieved to raise nearly a thousand events in more than 400 cities. A great milestone which The Second World March wishes to reach and surpass.

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence is organized by groups with a humanist vision, spread for all over the world with a common objective to create and increase awareness on the necessity that the societies of the world live in peace and nonviolence. 

And for that, it is indispensable that new participants would join this new initiative.  If you are one of them and would like to get to know us better, we invite you to look through our web to read different articles that are in it.

What sort of participation do we need?

From The World March for Peace and Non-violence we are open to whatever entity, association, groups, including individual persons from whichever places of the world who wish to collaborate with us to support this initiative again. As
it’s been mentioned before, the march will commence on the 2nd of October 2024 and will go around the world, ending on the 5th of january 2025.

With this participative initiative, we pretend that particular individuals or associations will see themselves reflected in this movement, that they join in the celebration, creating activities in parallel during the days that the route will take place.

All the activities and actions will be performed non-profit, that is to say, there is no economic incentive for them and will be realized on their own account.

How to join of the movement?

All those individuals or associations who desire to commit themselves to create small events or activities during the days that the march takes place, only clicking on this button of participation and leaving your details is necessary so that we can get in touch with you by email, and we will concretize what is needed, and we will be able to suggest some ideas on the activities to be produced.

Go ahead and join to this movement!